Specialist public relations work

Fem.OS as a model project develops and analyses outreach advisory work in social media for women from non-EU countries. The communication behaviour of the language communities is examined, the advisory work is continuously evaluated, and the information’s impact and the range of the organisation’s own digital information and orientation advisory services is tested.

Throughout the course of the project, expert public relations work will be carried out. This combines specialist discussions and events with the targeted networking of key figures. These include the Federal Employment Agency, administrators of forums in social media, migrant organisations and other advice centres and projects. The specialist public relations work also includes promoting the sustainability of outreach informative advising approaches.

Download studies

Daten zum Modellprojekt - Aufbau der Beratungsarbeit (Sept. 2020)

Zwischenevaluation im Modellprojekt Fem.OS (Februar 2021)

Ein Jahr digital Streetwork in den sozialen Netzwerken: Entwicklung und Analyse (Mai 2021)

Projektbericht Fem.OS – Aufsuchendes Orientierungs- und Beratungssystem in den sozialen Medien für Migrantinnen aus Drittstaaten (Oktober 2021)