Proactive Advising on Social Media

The model project Fem.OS supports the social and professional integration of migrant women in Germany.

The project works exclusively on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Telegram. The Fem.OS advisors counsel women in their native languages to help them integrate into the job market and education, as well assist them in women and family-specific issues.

Dashboard Fem.OS

Target Groups and Languages

During the integration process, recently migrated women often make particularly strong use of self-organised groups and channels on social media platforms, where they can ask questions and seek advice and information in their mother tongue. One reason for this is that support and guidance through the orientation process is much more accessible on social media than in other contexts. There are no language barriers because communication takes place in the women’s native languages. Work or family duties do not stand in the way of advice-seeking on social media due to its flexibility regarding place and time. Plus, importantly, it is free of charge.