Concept and Themes

„Digital Streetwork“

This model project uses the "Digital Outreach Advisory Work" concept of proactive advising and counselling on social media, which was developed by Minor. The concept reflects the predominant communication behaviour of migrants in their use of social media to exchange information about living and working in Germany.

The Fem.OS advisors are present in various groups and channels on social media. Their professional objectives and statuses are transparent and identifiable, and they build up a reputation among other users in a targeted manner. The thematic focus of the advisory work is job market integration and access to the workforce, as well as assistance with issues relating to residency and visas, and on social, women's and family matters. Topics can therefore incorporate other associated areas such as housing, health, and child-care. When questions are asked by women on such subjects in the groups, the Fem.OS advisors answer them on the spot in the comments section of the social media platforms and, if necessary, correct false or misleading answers that often circulate.

Legally verified advice

The questions asked in social media groups and platforms are therefore starting points for initial and subsequent consultation by the Fem.OS team. The legal guidance provided by the fully qualified lawyer in the team ensures the reliability and quality of the given advice. In more complex cases, a referral is made to various local advisory centres, the Federal Employment Agency, the Jobcenter and/or other official locations.

In this way, the project provides free, legally verified, and target group-specific advice on social media which is accessible regardless of location, in order to strengthen women's independence and integration into the workforce. In addition, it helps them in managing their important role in the integration process of their families.

Integration of women with experience of immigration

Fem.OS is the shortened form of the full project title: "Outreach Orientation and Advising System on Social Media for Migrant Women". The project, which runs from May 2020 to June 2023, is funded by Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and Federal Government Commissioner for antiracism (Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration und Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Antirassismus). Fem.OS is implemented in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and is being undertaken by Minor – Project Agency for Education and Research. The aim: to strengthen the individual, professional and social integration of women who have experiences of immigration, and to facilitate their access to the job market and workforce by providing proactive information, initial advice, and subsequent referrals on social media. The project focuses on advising migrant women from countries of origin outside the European Union. For female immigrants from the EU, the Commissioner has already successfully supported the project «Migrationsberatung 4.0».

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