Job Market Access

The aim of the advisory services focuses on the needs of women for successful integration into the job market and work force. The themes are diverse and reflect the specific challenges often met by migrant women when entering the job market. Qualified and specialised career counselling is offered as a possibility through referral to specialists at the Federal Employment Agency and the Jobcenter.

A New Approach

The model project is taking place within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism and the Federal Employment Agency.

The special feature of this project is the development of an interface management system which enables advice-seeking women to be transferred to specialised counselling services at their local branch of the Federal Employment Agency and Jobcenter. In this way, the women's entry or return to working life can be made considerably easier. If in the course of their communication with the Fem.OS advisors they express the will, they can receive qualified career counselling, for example from the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities on the Labour Market (BCA) of the Federal Employment Agency.


The Fem.OS advisors conduct orientation discussions with the women in groups and forums on social media where questions about starting or returning to work are asked. In their native language, the women are assisted to formulate initial wishes and define goals, are provided with further information, and are made aware of the specialist advice offered by the Federal Emplyoment Agency and the Jobcenter.

If the advice-seeking women show an interest and agree, their requests are forwarded anonymously to the relevant Employment Agency (BA) or Jobcenter in their places of residence. They then receive an appointment for an initial consultation at the BA or Jobcenter. There, the women are supported above all by the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities on the Labour Market (BCA) and specialist counsellors, who work with them to gauge individual career opportunities and possibilities and plan the first steps towards job market and workforce integration.

This form of transition from social media to the BCA and the specialist counselling provided by the BA and Jobcenter simplify career guidance. If the German language skills of the women are not sufficient, the BA or Jobcenter can utilise a telephone interpreting service. In addition, the protection of the personal data of women seeking advice and of the specialists of the BA and Jobcenter is ensured throughout the entire process.

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