Das Projekt Fem.OS ist abgeschlossen, wird aber als Fem.OS Plus bei Minor Digital fortgesetzt

Proactive Advising on Social Media. The model project Fem.OS supports the social and professional integration of migrant women in Germany.

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Proactive Advising

Initial orientation and advising in social media without language barriers

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Job Market Access

Do you have questions about integration into the workforce in Germany? Fem.OS is here to assist you and can organise individual specialist advising at the Federal Employment Agency on your behalf.

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The progress of the project is consistently documented.

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Project Fem.OS is carried out in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency. Further cooperations and collaborations are planned.

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Sarah, 32, from Melbourne

Sarah has lived with her husband and three children in Germany for two years. Back home, both Sarah and her husband worked, but in Germany the young woman is concentrating first and foremost on settling in and on the children. Sarah uses Telegram and other social media platforms to ask other women from her country questions that arise from her everyday life in Germany, and to share and exchange experiences.

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